Keep Going…

Some days you just have to keep going. That is what I told myself as I hit mile 2 of my 3.1 mile loop I have run many times before. So what did I end up doing? Well, I just added on another 3.1 mile loop in a completely different […]

Mini Sabbatical

A couple weeks ago I was on what I called a mini sabbatical but in reality, it was just a week off of work before I started a new job. During that week I fully appreciate and understand why rest is important. I think the overall concept of time away […]

Break the Twitch Member Community

Have any of you been a part of an Online Community? If so I would be curious about what it is, how it works, does it cost you anything and if you feel you have gained any value from it? Feel free to leave a comment below. I have been […]

What is a Photocopier?

This is an old video produced by the New York Times but I only stumbled upon it a while back and thought it was not only cleverly put together but also the real story behind it is just as interesting. The video is about 6 min long and if you […]