Goodbye Fitbit…

I have used my Fitbit since January 2014 after what I remember was a long time trying to decide if I really wanted one and if so which one. Thinking back it has served its purpose well and I will give it some credit for keeping me active over the […]

5K a Day all about the Data

You asked for it so let’s dive into the data! I knew this was going to be a follow-up post to the one I just wrote earlier this week about my 5K a day. Maybe it is because I am kind of a data nerd and you were shocked I […]

5K a day for 365 days

I ran a 5K a day for 365 Days in a row and counting… Most people will think that is crazy and pointless. I have run well over 1131.5 miles over the course of the past year (check out the data analysis of all my runs). On September 17th, 2018 […]