5K a day for 365 days

I ran a 5K a day for 365 Days in a row and counting… Most people will think that is crazy and pointless. I have run well over 1131.5 miles over the course of the past year (check out the data analysis of all my runs). On September 17th, 2018 […]

Welcome Up North!

Something is New around here… Welcome to Up North! I am certain you have noticed that the blog has changed ever so slightly as it is no longer called Still Thinking… In all honesty, nothing about the blog specifically has changed from a content perspective I just decided after a […]

How Connected We Could be

First I want to caveat this as there is not any detailed research or analysis done on this topic other than my own observations over the past week while traveling in China. In fact, I am currently writing this while flying back to the US and probably won’t spend a […]