“Uncommon Stock: Power Play” by Eliot Peper

Finally got around to putting some real thoughts into the book I read a while back called “Uncommon Stock: Power Play” by Eliot Peper.  I actually got and read this book right around the time it was published back in November/December but things started to pick up at my old job and I […]

Technology and Games to promote learning for all Students

I can’t believe I missed the video below as it practically happened in my own backyard.  However, you have to watch this video of 5th grader Cordell Steiner giving a TEDx presentation at the University of St. Thomas about the benefits of video games in the classroom to further students […]

Sleep your way to the top by Jane Miller

“Sleep Your Way to the Top” by Jane Miller

This is a very long overdue post about a book I read titled “Sleep your way to the Top (and other myths about business success)” by Jane Miller.  I was actually lucky enough to get a copy from FG Press not long after I had written about the number of books I […]