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Really this is my Fortune…..?

Went out to eat the other night at Chino Latino (http://www.chinolatino.com @chinolatinomn) and this was my fortune cookie…. However, note they have great food and it is even better if you are in a large group so you can share multiple dishes.

Need to Focus and thoughts….

I have realized today that it has been hard to focus on work lately as my mind has been searching else where. However, in some emails that I received from a non-profit that I assist with outside of work I realized what developers sometime miss. No…

My First Post

This will be a trial to see how this actually works. I need to set my domain to forward to this but one step as a time. However, if you are just stumbling across this sorry for the lame start to this blog, however I hope it will get better.On anot…