Books, Books, and more Books

I have been spending a lot of my spare time lately reading listening to books.   So far this year I have completed 24 books (listened to 22, read 2).  I won’t list out all of the books as it probably wouldn’t be all that interesting but if you are curious you can check it out here.  I have found that listening to books is a good way to pass the time while working on various house projects (e.g., Painting the House).

Also, I stumbled upon the author David Baldacci who has some really good books out there.  The topics of his books topics are around espionage, war zones, traitors and good guys on a mission to contain/eliminate the problems of the people who don’t have the United States interests at heart.  If you are interested in those types Spy/Detective books I would really encourage you checking out the many books he has written (  My favorite series so far is The Camel Club.

So what is next for my book reading?  I might take a little break from listening to books and go back to actually reading a couple books that have been in the queue (partially because there isn’t an audio book for them).   What books are you reading or any suggestions you have of good books I should check out?  Leave it in the comments section.

Another reason, I might slow my reading/listening to books down is I have been thinking of picking up a couple new projects in the near future.  I have a couple of ideas but need to put some more thoughts on what I hope to accomplish and then reach out for some advice.




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