Need to Focus and thoughts….

I haveĀ realizedĀ today that it has been hard to focus on work lately as my mind has been searching else where. Ā However, in some emails that IĀ receivedĀ from a non-profit that I assist with outside of work I realized what developers sometime miss. Ā Not to make this generalized but in my experience someĀ developersĀ forget about the overall goal. Ā For instance this non-for-profit, their main goal was to spice up their website which I really think is a good idea. Ā However, if you asked me the second point needed to be stressed that it was easy to use. Ā So instead we have a nice product that is not as user friendly in the back end and I have been troubleshooting something I didn't create. Ā Not that I am unable to assist it is just not my day job.

Well didn't mean to group all developers into that group, since I realize I haveĀ developedĀ things. Ā However, I have ran into this experience a few times so thought I would share.


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